How to Turn Your Primary Bathroom Into an At-Home Spa

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With the coming of the spring season, you are no doubt looking for ways to refresh and replenish. What would you say if we told you that relaxation might be closer than you think? In fact, it might be as near as your primary bathroom! With these helpful hints and creative suggestions, transform your bathroom into a haven of the utmost relaxation — your dream-come-true personal luxury spa.

From the wonder of aptly-placed shelves to calming colors, here are a few fantastic ideas to turn your primary bathroom into an inspired spa experience. Whether you want to unwind after work or treat yourself on the weekend, there is nothing quite like soaking up the oasis of a spa treatment in your home.


Spring is the best time to declutter your bathroom space. While this might seem like an overwhelming process, there are certainly some helpful and practical ways to get started. Going through your medicine cabinet and checking outdated medicines and prescriptions is a good place to begin. Safely throw these away. Organize the remaining medicines in an easy-to-locate way so you won’t have to look far the next time a headache arises.

Next, untangle the many hair appliances you have, such as dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. Because these can often take up quite a bit of space, put them in a select location in your closet or under your bathroom sink. Third, sort through the many products you have lying around, like extra shampoo bottles, soaps, body wash, face wash, and travel-sized bottles and containers.

If you are running low on space, put these backup products in a location other than your bathroom. These additional products can be helpful as they prevent extra trips to the store, but they take up a lot of space. Find a storage spot for them that’s out of the way to make room for your necessities instead.

Fourth, store toothbrushes and makeup brushes in mason jars, and get creative! Consider painting the jar, tying a ribbon around it, or writing an inscription on it in permanent black marker. Whatever your style, a mason jar will add character and charm to your spa vibe.

Fifth, put an organizer on your shelves and in the drawers. This simple tool lets you keep your products neat and well-organized, but don’t forget to go through your space and remove anything you no longer want or need. Does it not highlight your bathroom’s style and design? Consider putting the item in a different place in the house, giving it away, or repurposing it. While this spring cleaning takes time, it will be well worth it and free up space in your new spa. You will certainly be glad you did it!


Choosing a personality, style, and design for your bathroom is an essential first step. For example, adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls can go a long way, and selecting an overall theme for your space. Do you want cozy and charming? Or perhaps a more earthy, nature-lovers vibe? Whatever essence you wish to create, choose one that will be peaceful and inspiring.

Choose calming colors

What are some of the best hues for your spectacular spa? Consider neutral colors such as gray, beige, white, and cream. These rich tones will give the whole room a united and soothing look. 
Whether your preference is for soft or bright colors, you certainly won’t regret a vivid touch to your space. Select shades that will highlight your bathroom’s unique interior design. Consider the color wheel and what will bring out the best features of your bathroom. When you decide on a color, repeat it intentionally throughout, whether in decor, towels, or the shower curtain.

Add a dash of nature

A potted plant or fresh bouquet can add an earthy feel to the bathroom. This can create a healthy and wholesome environment for your at-home spa. Mixing the outdoors with the indoors is an amazing way to make a nurturing space for all your refreshment needs.

Set a vase on the sink, hang plants from the ceiling, or put fresh flowers on the shelves. From giving a splash of vibrant color to taking advantage of the natural light that your windows offer, adding flowers and plants in your primary bathroom is a definite plus.

Wondering which great plants to buy? Consider the enduring Chinese Evergreen, beautiful Pothos, or life-giving Aloe Vera. When contemplating the best plants to choose, consider the plant’s native environment and pick plants that will do well in those settings. Choose plants that thrive in low light and humid atmospheres.

Switch out your towels and rugs

Even something as simple as updating your linens, towels, and rugs can give your bathroom a major face-lift. While at the store, take your time to choose your favorite colors, textures, and materials and purchase some nice, fancy towels. These will be visible decor in the space and add extra comfort and serenity to the room. Fluffy rugs will be a fantastic cushion for your feet and create an atmosphere of warmth. Experts recommend that towels be replaced every two years, and you can repurpose old towels for cleaning rags or for your pets.

Upgrade your shower head

One of the best steps to transform your primary bathroom is updating your showerhead. You can choose from a pristine selection of showerheads and features which will create a soothing and energizing spa-like experience. These shower installations are easy to install and have a wide range of styles, variations, and water pressure levels.

Whether installing the Speakman Icon Shower Head with 64 spray channels or the Hansgrohe Croma, you can ensure that these showerheads will cultivate a refreshing and replenishing experience. From the option to have multiple settings to unique designs, these features provide  dozens of luxurious ways to relax.

Incorporate soothing scents

There is nothing quite like going on a shopping spree for your favorite scents! In fact, adding candles or air fresheners will make a tremendous difference. Candles will add to the vibe of relaxation while creating a cozy and charming atmosphere. Not only will your primary bathroom feel warm, comforting, and extra welcoming, the lighting, and aroma of candles contribute to its overall theme.

Carefully consider scents and your space — is this a scent you would enjoy having in your home? Will this candle make sense with the theme and design of your bathroom? Will these scents highlight the strengths of your room and contribute to its spa-like vibe? If so, then go for it and make the purchase! You want to select scents that will be calming, peaceful, and make you feel good.

Try gold accents

Looking to add some color and high-end style? Consider implementing gold accents throughout your bathroom. For example, these can include the mirror hanging on the wall, handwashing soap dispensers, shower curtain holders, and more. This will give the room an elegant feel and contribute a sense of warmth, beauty, and luxury. Against your bathroom's natural colors and inventive design, gold can give it an extra shine and bring out its inspiring spirit and personality.

Clean frequently

While it may not be a glamorous tip, cleaning your bathroom well and frequently is an absolute must. It will add to your bathroom’s natural sparkle and shine and make it an inviting and nourishing space. Besides, having clean amenities will further contribute to your highly valued moments of relaxation.

Choose from various natural cleaning products and give it a good scrub. Wash the towels, linens, and rugs as well. Refill all soap dispensers and stock up on any essential goods like shampoo, conditioner, and bubble bath. This weekly cleaning ritual will be well worth your time and effort! By keeping your bathroom in tip-top shape, you will continue to harness its full potential and bring out its vibrant strengths. What’s more, your primary-bathroom-turned-spa will be a place where you can truly relax and feel at home.

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