Why Choose Holloway Real Estate Group to sell your home?

Since the sale of a home is one of the most important financial transactions you participate in, you need a partner you can trust.

We don’t believe in just satisfying customers, we work hard to create life-long clients. What is the difference? A customer simply purchases a good or service from another person or entity. A client on the other hand, is part of a trusted relationship that receives benefits far beyond a simple business transaction.

Many agents strive for customer satisfaction, but for us, satisfaction isn’t enough. We constantly improve our systems and processes so that we can go well beyond the standard level of service provided by most REALTORS®. We’re obsessed with serving our clients in a way that leaves them feeling thrilled by our team, not merely satisfied by it.

Our mission is clear...to sell your home for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, and... with the fewest hassles.

Your Smart Home Selling Strategy

A Proven, Repeatable System to Get Your Home Sold For Top Dollar, In Less Time & Without The Hassles!

1 - Needs and Market Analysis

First, we need to discuss what’s most important to you. So before we get into pricing strategy or what we do to market your property, it’s extremely important that we thoroughly understand your goals and objectives for this process. We just want to be clear that if it’s important to you, it’s important to us

Next we need to understand outside threats and market conditions. Giving you a price before we fully analyze the market is like a doctor giving you a diagnosis before prognosis. We aren’t afraid to have the hard conversations and look at the reality of the market. Unfortunately we don’t make the market and it’s our job to interpret the market for you. Evaluation of outside threats such as real estate cycles, local market conditions and absorption rates can help us get clear on your goals and objectives. Whether we like it or not, real estate is a cyclical market.

2 - Preparing Your Property For the Market

The second step is preparing your property for success. Most agents try to rush through the Preparation process as they may be uncomfortable discussing things that a seller might need to do to get their property show ready. Your greatest point of leverage in the selling process is to prepare your property to attract buyers who will pay top dollar—and we only get one shot to make the best first impression to buyers!

Next, is our exclusive “Coming Soon” program which creates pent up demand for your property. Once we sign your listing paperwork, we begin the process of generating interest in your property by focusing on our “Buyers-In-Waiting” along with their agents. Your property hits the market highly anticipated, thus motivating prospective buyers to act before they lose the chance. Our goal is to sell your property for a higher price with fewer days on the market.

3 - Maximum Exposure

Bottom line, our marketing drives more buyer traffic & more demand for your property. In the last 12 months, Holloway Real Estate Group has invested more than $120,000 in marketing and advertising. Can a traditional agent match that kind of marketing firepower?

We also focus on maximizing your largest assets’ presence on social media sites and real estate specific portals. Our aggressive social media strategy will get your property noticed by buyers locally as well as throughout the United States and all over the world. Holloway Real Estate Group’s social media presence will maximize your online exposure and in return drive online buyer traffic to your listing.

4 - Buyer Attraction Systems

Most real estate agents simply list your house, put a sign in the yard and place it in the MLS and hope it will sell. NJHouseHunter.com is the most advanced buyer lead generation platform in the industry—and nobody has been running this type of technology in the South Jersey Market as long as Holloway Real Estate Group has? We have had over 13,000 buyers register on our site! And in the last 12 months, approximately 50,000 buyers visited our website … that’s over 4,000 per month looking at your listing!

Yard marketing is often overlooked by most agents. The traditional approach is to put a single yard sign out and when someone calls, the call goes to whatever agent answers it. We developed a yard sign strategy that gives buyers multiple ways to get info on your property Every month we get over 100 buyers reaching out for information on our listings!

5 - Broker Cooperation

This is Our Broker Cooperation Program and Our Statewide Buyer Agent Network. In addition to our Exclusive “Buyers-In-Waiting” Program, we market to all of the agents in the South Jersey Region. By marketing your property to the agent community, we expand our reach and exposure even more… thus reaching the maximum percentage of buyers that might be interested in your property.

6 - Negotiation Strategies And Skills

Since the average agent only sells 6 to 8 properties per year, most real estate agents do not have experience in negotiations and negotiations can have an impact of more than 10% of the ultimate selling price of your largest asset. We have successfully negotiated and sold over 1,000 properties using proven techniques and strategies. The disappointing truth is that most agents need to sell your property worse than you do, making their advice biased and taking dollars away from your final proceeds. Bottom line … We are not anxious to “cut a deal” and leave your money on the table like less experienced agents.

7 - Executive Team and Supports

The traditional agent is a jack-of-all-trades, ace of none. Most agents are solely responsible for all of the tasks that result in a successful sale and, as such, they put their clients at a severe disadvantage. Our industry has virtually no barriers to entry and does not have any performance standards to maintain a license—it’s a scary fact!

Home Seller Guide

You need a partner who knows the market, who has the power of 180,000+ agents behind them and who is part of a global network of real estate professionals, all working together to connect you with buyers. We know how to get buyers in the door of your home and what will make them want to stay. Our Seller's Experience Guide is designed to help you understand the selling process before you put your home on the market, and it will help you make smart decisions every step of the way.

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