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When you join Holloway Real Estate Group, you’ll be part of one of the top real estate teams in the South Jersey Market. Holloway Real Estate Group consists of buyer’s agents, showing specialists, listing agents, inside sales and support staff.

This Opportunity Might Be a Perfect Fit for You

If you’re tired of the daily grind, tired of NOT making money, tired of being tired…then take advantage of our offer. Check out the steps at the bottom of this page and let’s see if we can forge a relationship of mutual benefit.

Constant, Continuous High Quality Leads Provided

Our Lead Generation System creates dozens of requests from buyer and seller prospects every day. We’ve perfected a method of lead follow-up and nurture allowing you to systematically create client relationships and the subsequent sales that follow. You’ll receive ongoing training not only from our team but from some of the most sought after trainers in the country.

No Marketing & Advertising Costs

HREG will bear all of the costs for marketing, advertising, lead generation and contract processing. HREG spends in excess of $10,000 per month (yes, $10,000) to generate leads for our team to convert into sales. That’s more than many agents make in a year! You’ll get your own branded lead generation website as well as a done-for-you educational real estate blog that you can post to your social media platforms.

Full Team Support

Instead of trying to be a tightrope specialist or a professional juggler, you’ll work with other members of our team which will enable you to focus solely on dollar productive activities (we call them “DPAs”). We’ll reduce your administrative tasks to get you focused on the tasks that make you money – Prospecting & Lead Follow Up, Signing Buyer Loyalty Agreements and Writing Offers. We’ll handle all of the administrative duties, the marketing, all the closing coordination, and much more.

All the Tools & Training You Need to Quickly Get to the Closing Table

Cutting edge technology tools, buyer packet and presentation, and the training to go with them will be given to you so you can begin succeeding immediately. Our “Fast Start” and “Agent Mentor” training programs will ensure that you stay focused on the activities that will get you productive as quickly as possible. It’s no wonder that real estate agents drop out of the industry, the lack of training and support runs rampant among traditional brokerages and teams, not at Holloway Real Estate Group.


Holloway Real Estate Group is comprised of a team of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in South Jersey. Selling these "right addresses" is the mission of Holloway Real Estate Group. Let us know what you're looking for.

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